AcryGel Glitzy Nude 50 ml

£ 39.99

Acrygel offer with a shimmer of glitter for glitter and glamor effect!

  • Best of acrylic: strength, durability, hardness on exotermely thin sculptured nails
  • Best of gel: flexibility, odorless, without using monomers /  only regular cleaner!  /, Easy filing
  • It can be combined with all colors gel and gel polishes
  • Easy & fast application
  • Very thick, does not flow into the cutticle area
  • MINIMUM of filing after proper use of product
  • Speeds up time, and refills especcially
  • Always perfect results for all types and lengths of nails
  • UV curing time: 2 min., Komby / ice – 90-120 sec, depending on thicknes
  • Sbs: 1. Prepare nails as usual – file, prep, prime, and / or Magic Airbond

2. Apply base for any gel

3.With metal spatula apply the desired amount of Acrygel ball that fits in desired shape nail / plate

4.With soft brush that you make it wet and regular gel cleaner start forming AcryGel, make sure that you make surface smooth – you will have almost 0 after filing, girls and lamp

5.Minimum filing and top coat / color gel and top coat /

In the sixth case of drawing french, use cover nude or pink, file it and draw french smile line with Bella or Renesmee / thin white french gel / top coat

7th In case of doing “reverse” french, use it as usual, Acrygel cover – make “wall”, file it, apply white french AcryGel or combine it with any other color gel / in that case and close it with clear /.

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