Chrome Titanium Gold 0.3g

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Chrome Powder – Extremely thin powder for trendy Chrome effect on nails. 0.3 gr with applicator.

1. apply gel gel or gel polish / pink, nude, white, bvlack / cure 2 min

2. Apply Ultra Violet Shine or Express shine / top coat without sticky layer, cure it appr 100 sec in UV lamp, or 30-60 sec in led / combi lamps – it depends of your lamp

3. with applicator and smooth circular movements, take enough quantity / better more then less, apply it on

4. After applying, clean all excess dust with very soft brush

5. again apply top coat, be carefull of edges of nails to protect it well, cure

6. Apply again chrome if necessary for harder effect. Protect with top coat.

* different effects can be achieved if using 1 or 2 coats of chrome, please see photos.

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