Genie In A Bottle-Living Coral 5 ml

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Genie in a bottle – NEW PRODUCT ON THE MARKET !!

A new product that will win you as soon as you try it. A real life “genie in a bottle” that makes all your wishes come true. Genie in a bottle is a highly pigmented color gel that comes with an ergonomically made brush ready to use. Together with the use of “Speedy all in one” a clear liquid base & builder gel your salon work becomes easier, faster and more economical.

A liquid color gel (pasta) with extreme coverage and in a practical packaging with a brush. Open the bottle and apply – a perfect “full cover” look has never been easier. Most of the colors give full coverage with only one layer (we recommend 2 thin layers) – try our nude shades and be mesmerized with the simplicity and how easy it is to apply.


  • It is liquid color gel / pasta gel with extreme pigment /,  texture of product is very thick and it is not simillar to texture of regular gel polish . We recommend to apply the product on brush and gently apply it on the nail with a laid brush and remove excess of product with fine brush strokes
  • IMPORTANT – Due to its special texture – this color gel has to level after application and it takes only a few seconds to get the fine smooth surface when you apply genie in a bottle to 1 nail, move to another with application – the first one will already get even and smooth, this way you can apply color gel on whole hand very fast.
  • You can use it on any gel and acrygel system – after filing builder gel, like “normal” color gel
  • You can use it in combination with our “fasty” all-in-one liquid builder gel for extremely fast salon work
  • You can apply colors in 1 layer, we recommend 2 for more precise work
  • Drying – we recommend to use only comby lamps / uv-led / lamps on 48W due to its pigments
  • Textures are NEW on the market, if you are not sure if it will fit your needs – try 1 first
  • Try our NUDE colors like second skin, nude dude or Tart, or pastel colors like cool blue or lotus and get excited with its coverage and special price!

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