Glass Filter 10 ml-Azzure

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Vitrage (transparent) Neon filters are perfect for today HOT TRENDY and manicure, as well for nail art. Some of the colors are neon, but there are also classic elegant black filters. We are in love with this product, because there are endless opportunities to work with. In our  official support group JANA NAILS OFFICIAL  you can watch full video tutorial how you can use it.


* On the whole nail as “glazing” effect / glass nails / – Make whole nail with crystal clear gel on paper forms, file it and apply filter on GLASS whole nail. Free edge will become transparent glazing

* As a filter coat that can change any of your color gel or gel polish (for example- apply turquoise color, treat it and apply neon yellow glass filter – and watch how your old boring color gets a new life)

* As a filter over all of your chromes, holographic powders etcc that are perfect for summer (neon chrome)

* As a filter over glitters (for example apply silver glitter gel or gel polish, cure and then use or King Blue Violet or any other filter)

* For NEW technique of nail art – draw design, protect it with a top coat and apply with brush filters creating “Ombre” effect on flowers / check picture number 2 /


There are endless possibilities … # lovejananails

It filters Apply top coat – Drying time: UV -2 min, Komby lamps 60-90 sec

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