Magic Glue Brush Cleaner Gel 30 ml

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Magic Brush Cleaner is a 100% gel-silicone product made for cleaning and maintaining your brushes.
A gel-textured liquid that is completely thin and low viscosity that cleans brushes from gel and acrygel residues and gel polish, especially brushes for nail art with those products. It does not dry out the hair like a classic cleaner, and leaves it completely soft, glued and sticked together, mantain correct shape of brush and flexibility for further work. Also, an indispensable item for any nail art with gel / gel polish, where the brush is always cleaned in this liquid.
Warning! Brushes cleaned with this liquid (silicone gel) must always be closed with a cap and away from any light or heat source, even if they are not on a direct light source as they will be completely harden!
Instructions for use:
Apply a small amount of magic glue brush cleaner to the clean hard surface (glasses, metal background Jn for drawing), with a dry cotton swab (hard nail wipes, for example) or slightly soaked in an ordinary cleaner to clean the remains of the gel inside of the brush. Dip the brush into the magic brush cleaner and gently squeeze the hairs left and right (wiggle it) until absolutely all the excess product is cleaned.Adjust the original shape of the hair or brush with your fingers. Clean the excess with a dry cotton swab and your brush is soft and ready for storage or further drawing (work). Read the warning and avoid leaving the brush uncovered or near a light source!
If your brush hardens – clean it well with a cleaner, and repeat the process of softening and shaping the hair with a magic glue cleaner.

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