C 0.07-12 LM Ultimate Black Silk Classic

£ 13.99

LM ULTIMATE BLACK SILK CLASSIC MIX Lashes C0.07-12   16 classes! 16 ROWS! 

C 0.07-12 – 7-8-9-9-10-10-10-11-11-11-12-12-12-13-14-15

Ultimate Silk Lashes – Ultimate extension that You will fall in love on first touch! The top end of silk lash has thinner thickness than Mink Lash and it realizes softer and more natural feeling of the lash. The glossy rate of Silk Lash’s surface is kind of middle that looks like non-glossy and it makes the extensions natural and luxurious. Normal curl of the lash has the very same angle of diameter but our ULTIMATE Silk Lash has lower grade angle on the bottom end of the lash and the top end of the lash has higher grade angle. It realizes the wider area of ​​the bottom end (to attach on the human lash), and it can help the TOP Silk Lash and settling on the human lash better and making the extensions longer. Furthermore this ULTIMATE Silk Lash has rough surface that keeps the extension glue sea and it reduces the failure of attachment during extensions.


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