Pigment Pasta Brown 2ml

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Unlimited possibilities for nail art ! 100% pure pigment that replaces acrylic paint completely, and it is been mixed with a gel / paste / plastiline/ 3d gel .

Say goodbye to the  drying of acrylic paints – say hello to the future of nail art –PIGMENTS ! Create works of art without hurry, drying , mixing with water etcc. Just use your gels and pigments !

Pigment is NON UV / LED creamy texture that adds to any color gel or pasta gel , gel polish etcc to acchive  the texture “acrylic” or “oil” color, which will not dry until they are dry under the UV / LED light.

Why is been  mixed with pasta / color gels / plastiline ? To get the perfect texture that can  dry  and reacts under uv / led lights. The pigment itself or alone will not dry.

Pack of 2 ml of pure pigment is enough for many many paintings.

!!! IMPORTANT: pigment is mixed into a gel / paste / in the ratio of 1: 3 or 1: 4 (pigment :color gel or paste), if you mix too much  – it will not dry out!


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