Plasteline Gel Violet 5 ml

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Plasticine – Plastic gel / 3D elastic gel  / gel is made for 3D flat design on nail. Elastic and thick, it gives you enough time to make your design and it’s perfect substitute for acrylic and 3D / flat decorations made of acrylic.

* You can combine colors for the endless combination of colors (for example white & black = gray, if you want lighter green for leaves you can mix green & yellow & white plasticine for nice shadowed designs ETCC …)

* You can draw it over with gel polishes or gel after curing

* Working with silica brush, brush 3d, wooden sticks and cleaner

* Applies over top coat or matt top coat

! we have a video tutorial and our official group on FB: Jana Nails Official 

! curing time: 2-3 min UV, Komby lamp: 60-90 sec (depending on thickness)

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