White BB Base 10 ml

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 WHITE PORCELAIN BASE –  white soak off base for gel polish, medium thickness, that you can use in multiple ways. Extremely durable with very good adhesion on natural nail plate. Selflevelling and does not require any special filing. Very nice to apply and it is not too sticky. You can use it in many ways- must have for trendy look!

You can use it:

as classic base in thin layer on natural nails after nail prep and Magic Airbond (you will achieve a soft milky look, see photo nr 2) as “builder” base – after 1st layer that You cure, with 2nd layer You can create apex and straighten the nail. You will have beautiful white fullcover look that does not require any aditional color over it, just apply top coat (NTC) For french technique – as under layer and / or top layer, for babyboomer techniqueAs color gel in gel / acrygel technique. On filed builder gel / acrygel, use it as a color gel in 1 or 2 layer, finish with Wet Set top coat.

!!! For the exact selection of color – please take a look on our video on FB page, IG profile or our official FB support group: “Jana Nails Official”

Drying time: UV-2 min / LED / COMBY LAMP: 60-90 sec (depending on thickness)

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